Dirty Negative Scans

What is Dirty Negative Scans?

Dirty Negative Scans is the NSFW manga division of Daisuki Scans. Founded in December 2018, our goal is to give more of what is loved by those good little boys and girls aged 18 and over that like reading lewd stuff. By reading a Dirty Negative Scans release, you attest to the fact you have reached the legal age of majority in your jurisdiction and that it is not illegal to view pornography in your jurisdiction.


Where can I find Dirty Negative Scans releases?

Dirty Negative Scans releases will be posted on the main website in the Dirty Negative Scans category. No NSFW images will be posted to our website. Releases can also be found on MangaDex and exhentai.org.


How can I join Dirty Negative Scans? How can I contact them?

You can join Dirty Negative Scans by filling out the application on our main website and specifying that you wish to join Dirty Negative Scans. You can contact them on the Daisuki Scans Discord server, or DMing Tom_Servo on MangaDex, or DMing Tom_Servo#1337 on Discord.


Who are the current staff members of Dirty Negative Scans?

The current staff members are:

  • Tom_Servo (redrawer, typesetter, cleaner, distributor)
  • B4z73rd (proofreader, quality control)
  • catlady195 (quality control)
  • Danky (translator, translation checker)
  • Mikage (translator, translation checker)
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