Kiss x Sis Chapter 129: Revolting


Sup guys and gals, B4z73rd speaking. Over our December-January break from Kissxsis, things happened, mostly to me being involved in a car accident which totaled my car, causing a delay to chapter 129. It’s been a headache, but everything was worked out, and we were able to get back to getting chapter 129 done. We did notice that in the meantime, someone decided to get impatient by our delay, and decided to do a Tom_Servo-esque hack job on chapter 129 in our stead. It made Tom_Servo quit redrawing for us (he’s still distributing our works, and running our group’s infrastructure). We also added a new redrawer to cover for Tom_Servo and Keiiko (we’ll officially introduce him next month). If anyone decides to go and pull that off again, at least let us know beforehand, or wait 6 months (like we did) before picking up Kissxsis. We apologize for the delay and the somewhat terrible job someone did to chapter 129. Don’t settle for anything, but the best from the team who brings you the official “unofficial” English version of Kissxsis!


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